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How a stove is installed into an existing fireplace

Once a decision has been made to purchase a stove thoughts may then lead to as to how the stove will be installed.

For a stove to be installed into an average sized fireplace with an ‘open’ chimney the chimney needs to be swept first; dropping a flue from the top of the chimney can dislodge soot that may have accumulated and even the odd birds nest! The NACS website lists qualified chimney sweeps within the area the stove is to be installed.

It may go without saying but the chimney is to be cold and that all items that can be moved, should be moved from the vicinity of the fire place.

Our qualified installers will place new dust sheets around the fireplace. They will then:

  1. Drop the liner into the chimney from the roof (scaffolding or a cherry picker may be required to do this)
  2. Attach liner adaptor
  3. Fit zinc coated register plate using stainless steel angle iron and fixtures
  4. Backfill void between liner and chimney with vermiculite or if a large chimney it is wrapped in a sleeping bag of insulation.
  5. Cement top
  6. Attach bird guard 
  7. Lay hearth (if needed)
  8. Place stove onto the hearth
  9. Connect stove to adaptor 
  10. Demonstrate operation to client if present
  11. Sign off installation and leave documentation with client

NB: during the first few times of lighting there may be a strong odour. This is the paint curing and it is suggested that windows be opened for this to dissipate