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ESSE is a proud manufacturer of cooking and heating appliances which are sold worldwide. Since ESSE began in 1854, the world has seen a lot of change, but the human need for warmth, food and comfort remains the same. Shackleton and Scott relied on an ESSE in the Antarctic, and Florence Nightingale would use no other brand in her Balaclava hospital. Today, ESSE embrace tradition and innovation. Utilising modern research and technology to design the most energy-efficient range cookers and stoves, and every model is still carefully hand crafted to offer quality, integrity and longevity. Visit Esse

Summer 2023

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Product Specification

Heat Output: 5kW

Fuel Type: Multi-fuel

Esse 500

The Esse 500 SE Vista is the quintessential ESSE stove with it’s signature door arch styling and technologically-advanced performance.

Wide, clean glass offers an unrivalled fire view while an efficient fire box with tertiary air ensures great fuel economy. A high quality steel body gives the Vista endurance while the attractive cast iron detail on the top, door and feet complete the stove.

The Esse 500 Vista SE is a simple-to-use 5kW multifuel stove including twin position riddling grate with both wood and mineral fuel settings.

Energy Rating A+

Height 530mm
Width 420mm
Depth 310mm
Weight 51kg
Flue 125mm/5″
Distance to Combustibles Sides: 400mm

Rear: 400mm

Top: 450mm

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