The design and product development of Contura stoves occurs in Sweden, as does the assembly of all stove parts. Contura stoves are made by NIBE in Markaryd, in Småland and are quality controlled before leaving the factory in Markaryd. Conserving resources has always been a matter of course in Småland and that is why manufacturing is modern, lean and efficient. Quality permeates every level of production in their factory, which is the largest and most modern facility for the manufacture of wood burning stoves and chimneys in Europe. Contura stoves are sold throughout Europe and are appreciated for their timeless design, efficiency and high quality. Visit Contura

Summer 2023

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Product Specification

Heat Output: 5kW

Fuel Type: Wood

Contura 800 Style Range

The Contura 800 Range has been re-designed to become the Contura 800 Style Range. Whilst taller and wider glass panes, an option of colours and side panels along with less joins symbolise the change in design, the following features have been incorporated into the 800 Style stoves to provide convenience in using and maintaining the fire.

ASF: The Automatic Start Function controls the air flowing through the grate; allowing the door to be shut whilst the fire is being lit.

RBF: By releasing the left side handle the Refuelling Boost Function allows more air to flow into the stove from under the grate; this revives the dying embers and ignites new wood placed onto them.

SSA: The Silent Sliding Ashtray now slides quickly and smoothly due to the re-engineered design and damping feature.

Self Closing Door: With an option for it to be kept open for cleaning.

With 10 models, variants of colour, stove tops and door types, there is a Contura 800 Style to fit any home.


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