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A good fire needs good fuel! Wood needs to be seasoned for a good 3 and a 1/2 years and have less than 25% moisture to ensure that it will burn well. Excess moisture will turn to steam, prevent temperature from raising and potentially cause damage to the flue. Kiln dried wood is heated in large kilns to evaporate the moisture level to an average moisture content of below 20%. Hotties are made from wood chippings that are compressed into 'logs'. Having no gas content, no toxins and 5% moisture, these really are a clean burning fuel! The ideal way to light a wood fire is from the top down. This ensures that the flue is heated sufficiently to cause the draw for the fire to burn efficiently. To help get the fire going we sell natural fire starters in the form of Flamers.

Autumn 2019

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Product Specification

Fuel Type: Kiln Dried Wood

Location: Earls Colne and Bury St Edmunds

Certainly Wood

Certainly Wood is recommended by the UK’s major stove manufacturers and are the UK pioneers of kiln drying firewood. All logs are dried in unique wood fired kilns with solar panels providing the electricity. Being the first to be approved under the HETAS ‘Quality Assured Fuel Scheme’ the company prides itself on premium quality and excellent, friendly knowledgeable service for supply throughout the UK.

Certainly Wood logs, kindling and flamers can be bought from either of our stores. The logs are available in 7kg bags, to the quantity of 10, from our showrooms; larger quantities are sold and delivered by the pallet or in dumpy bags, either of which can be ordered from our showrooms and delivered to your address.

Deliveries can only be made onto smooth hard surfaces that are accessible to a lorry with a tail lift. The logs will be delivered on a pallet; the delivery driver will have a pallet truck.

Please Note that there is an charge of £30 for Saturday deliveries

Box of Kindling £4.50 Pay at & Collect from Showroom
1 x 7kg* Bag £7.10 Pay at & Collect from Showroom
10 x 7kg Bags £69.00 Pay at & Collect from Showroom
Pallet Delivery
50 x 7kg* Bags £282.00 Pay at showroom. Delivery by Certainly Wood
80 x 7kg* Bags £445.00 Pay at showroom. Delivery by Certainly Wood
Dumpy Bag Delivery
Small – 1.2³

(approx 36 bags)

£195.00 Pay at showroom. Delivery by Certainly Wood
Large – 1.6³

(approx 48 bags)



Pay at showroom. Delivery by Certainly Wood

*Approximate weight

** Price until 31st December 2019


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