Due to the high efficiency of modern stoves the viewing glass should remain clean. However, should a log of poor quality find its way into the fire chamber and cause tarring both of our showrooms hold a number of products ranging from sprays to gels that will bring the glass back to pristine condition. As well as glass cleaner, stock of stove & grate polish to revitalise the stove is also available. If the stove is frequently in use it will help reduce tar build up in the flue if a Chimney Cleaning Log or Flue Free Chimney Cleaner is used on a regular basis. This should not replace an annual clean, at least, by a professional chimney sweep to ensure that any large deposits of tar are removed and to check that the flue is in good condition. Replacement of glass, door rope (seal) and fire bricks are available; though may need to be ordered depending on make and model of stove.

Summer 2023

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Product Specification

Location: Bury St Edmunds & Earls Colne

Rope, Glass & Fire Bricks

The main consumable parts on a stove are door seals (rope); gasket tape, which on some stove models is used to fit between the glass and the stove door; glass and fire bricks. With the exception of some stoves, we are able to supply all of these items, though some items may have to be ordered in. 

A door re-furbishing service is also available where the door seal, and gasket where applicable,will be replaced and the door cleaned at a set price. An extra charge to replace glass will be required.

It is helpful to have the name of the manufacturer, model and serial number to be sure that we can supply, or order, the correct parts for your stove. If none of these are available a photograph of the stove may well help us to work out the make and model.

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