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Summer 2023

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Product Specification

Fuel Type: Wood

Location: Earls Colne

RB73 Quarubla L

The Quaruba is available in 3 different sizes; Large, XL and XXL and with the option of 3 glass windows, as well as the door, for all round viewing of the fire.

It is a stylish wood stove made of 3mm CorTen steel and with an elegant appearance designed for outdoor use. 

The Quaruba is a closed fire supplied on four legs, concrete bottom stones, glass fronted door and a 1000mm flue pipe as standard; and with its high flue there is no suffering from smoke, fire sparks and ash. 

The door catch is located between the door panel and the right leg. The unique modular construction allows it to be put together by the customer.                                                                            


Dimensions L XL XXL
Height 290cm (with flue) 300cm  (with flue) 310cm (with flue)
Width 54 cm 54 cm 54 cm
Depth 54 cm 54 cm 54 cm
Flue 150mm 150mm 150mm
Weight 125 kg 130 kg 135 kg




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