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Summer 2023

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Keep your Stove Safe & Efficient Service in the Spring or Summer


Electric fires or stoves Ambience with or without heat


Offer Stoves Offer Stoves


Cold Chimney Syndromecauses smoke in the room


Keep warmfeed the fire


Product Specification

Heat Output: 7kW

Fuel Type: Wood

RAIS Visio 1 – Wood Inset

The design of the Rais Visio 1 is such that only the flames of the wood burning can be seen. There is just a very small and discrete frame in black or stainless steel surrounding the glass at the front of the stove.

When the super minimalistic door is opened, it is raised up and disappears. Technically smart, elegant and simple. This stove gives a snug warmth and has high thermal efficiency.

If required, a frame that encircles the verge of the wall around the door is available. Or  the wall can be left in all its simplicity.

Available with a black or stainless steel frame and either with or with out an installation frame.

Energy Rating A

Height 1643mm
Width 905mm
Depth 610mm
Weight 280kg
Flue 200mm/8″
Distance to Combustibles Side: 400mm

Rear: 75mm

Ceiling: 1285mm

Floor: 385mm

Furniture: 1400

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