The Rais factory, founded by the Ørskov family, initially manufactured traditional machine components. In the 1990s, it was acquired by the Swiss company Attika. The name change to RAIS A/S marked the beginning of a new era. The driving force is constant development and quality without compromise. All of which results in exclusive, eye-catching solutions which cannot be found anywhere else. Visit Rais

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Cold Chimney Syndromecauses smoke in the room


Keep warmfeed the fire


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An electric fire or stove provides a focal point with or without a maximum of 2kW of heat


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Offer: Esse Range Cookers


Product Specification

Heat Output: 2-6kw

Fuel Type: Wood

Location: Earls Colne

RAIS Q-Tee – Wood

This is RAIS’ small, functional and simple stove with Cubist appearance. Q-Tee II is suitable for lower heat requirement and limited spaces. Common sense and classic design. A cute stove that gives the room a soul. Q-Tee has an air-cooled handle and a grand closing system. It also has a shaking grate and an ash tray. You can choose the basic model and put it on the floor or on a plate, or highlight the stove by placing it on a bench or, for example, on a concrete base. Q-Tee is available in three heights: 57 cm, 65 cm and 85 cm. Available with an all-glass door or with a steel frame. The stove is available with top or rear outlet for the flue duct. Q-Tee can be ordered with AirSystem.

Price showing is for the Q-Tee (height 57cm) with a  steel framed door in black.

Energy Rating A

Height 565mm
Width 435mm
Depth 388mm
Weight 80kg
Flue – top 150mm/6″
Distance to Combustibles Side: 400mm

Rear: 300mm

Distance to Non-Combustibles Side: 50mm

Rear: 50mm

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