Gazco Ltd was formed in 1988 to develop and produce gas fired versions of Stovax wood  burning stoves. Today, as sister companies, Stovax and Gazco continue to work very closely together. Each company has constantly developed its product range such that the combined businesses have grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and fires, with exports to countries worldwide. Visit Gazco

Summer 2023

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Product Specification

Heat Output: 4.4kW

Fuel Type: Gas

Gazco Freestanding Loft Stove – Gas

The Gazco Loft gas stove’s tall firebox framed with reflective black glass adds a striking two-tone contrast to it’s matt steel graphite body. Soaring flames dance amongst a highly realistic fuel bed, composed of hand painted realistic logs. Visuals are mirrored on all sides by the Echo Flame Black glass lining – a continuation of the stove’s glossy exterior styling details.

This premium gas stove is available in either conventional or balanced flue models and provides a generous 4.4kW heat output, which can be effortlessly controlled with the various handset options.

A variety of accessories are available for the Loft allowing the stove to sit on a cleanly styled Plinth or Log store base, with either option offered in matching steel, a smart Castillo grey sandstone or luxurious Wood grain sandstone. The Loft is also has the option of a Tall Top, available in steel graphite.

Alternatively, this versatile gas stove is also available as a wall mounted version, for an ultra-modern, floating installation that lends itself perfectly to contemporary minimalism.

The Loft freestanding gas stove is available to use either natural gas or LPG.

Energy Rating:

Conventional Flue D

Balance Flue A

 Height  770mm
 Width  481mm
 Depth  359mm
 Weight Conventional Flue: 56kg

Balance Flue: 60kg

 Flue: top or rear Conventional: 127mm/5″

Balance: 150mm6″

 Distance to Combustibles Side: 150mm

Rear: 50mm

Above: 225mm

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