A cowl is a hood-shaped covering and designed to increase the draft of a chimney and prevent backflow. Usually made of galvanized iron, the cowl is fitted to the chimney pot to prevent wind blowing the smoke back down the chimney and into the room below.

Summer 2023

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Product Specification

Location: Bury St Edmunds & Earls Colne

Flue Cube

The British manufactured FlueCube is the UK’s most effective problem-solving chimney cowl, offering value-for-money by improving and complementing the stove experience. It is guaranteed to work and to last.

The patented cowl FlueCube really does fulfil its claims and there has proved to be a genuine need for a product (guaranteed to work and not break) that not only solves traditional problems such as downdraft, but also increases stove efficiency and reduces particulates. In doing so it complements and supports the new eco design emission requirements.

Even homeowners who have been using stoves for many years have benefited from purchasing FlueCubes. The FlueCube improves stove burning efficiency by creating a positive draw through the flue system, stabilizing the burn within the stove and thus enabling the stove to perform (burn) more efficiently by consuming larger amounts of black carbon (soot) then would previously have been possible, which in turn helps to keep the flue cleaner.

The FlueCube also allows stoves to be installed, or to function better, in areas of low pressure and thermal disturbance (normally restrictive for stoves). For example, FlueCube solves problems routinely associated with short chimneys, bungalows, conservatories, single storey extensions, chimneys below the roof line or even glamping accommodation.


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