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Fire irons come in many shapes and sizes; being incorporated onto their own holder or bought singularly, a selection of companion sets, hearth tidy's, pokers and shovels are held at both of our stores. Kindling, Coal and Ash 'buckets' can be bought as a set or individually; hods and scuttles ash caddies are also available.

Autumn 2019

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Location: Earls Colne & Bury St Edmunds


Are ‘little people’ visiting this Christmas, or crawling and becoming inquisitive? Even puppies, small dogs and cats can get so close to a burning stove that they can scorch themselves. The extending nursery guard is available in black with a height of 66cm; width from 95 – 174cm and a depth of 46cm.  Wall attachments are included and ‘clips to ensure that the top section remains secure. At £65.75, we think the little people may well be thankful.

Fireguards and screens are essential protection from hot ash spits and sparks of an open fire. They create a safe area around the fire whilst still looking stylish and attractive without compromise. Available in various finishes and many stunning designs, these are a brilliant feature in front of an open fire on those cold evenings. Can be made to measure. Please visit either of our showrooms to view  brochures for further designs and sizes.

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