Log Stores

Once cut and split wood, needs to be stored with a means to it being 'weathered'. The log store provides this requirement as it allows the elements to interact with the wood whilst containing it. Wood seasoned and stored correctly will always ensure a good 'burn' when placed into the stove and keep the home cosy when days are cold.

Autumn 2019

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Product Specification

Location: Earls Colne

Clearview Log Stores

As well as producing high quality stoves, Clearview provide a means in which to store the wood that will fuel the stove!

Following are the dimensions of single depth log stores as named in the images.

Double depth log stores are also available in the standard and large sizes.

Prices are available on request.

Single Depth Log Store Width






Cubic Metres
Compact 1500 2080 1080 1.5
Standard 2528 2100 508 1.5
Medium 2250 2080 1080 2.4
Large 3225 2325 1067 3.5

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