Certainly Wood

Certainly Wood is recommended by the UK’s major stove manufacturers and is the UK pioneers of kiln drying firewood. All logs are dried in unique wood fired kilns with solar panels providing the electricity. Being the first to be approved under the HETAS ‘Quality Assured Fuel Scheme’ the company prides itself on premium quality and excellent, friendly knowledgeable service for supply throughout the UK.

Summer 2023

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Product Specification

Fuel Type: Kiln Dried Wood

Location: Earls Colne and Bury St Edmunds

Certainly Wood

Certainly Wood use Ash, Oak and Beechwood which have been cut to a length of 25 cm (with a +/- 10% tolerance) and have a thickness of 5-15 cm (with a +/- 10% tolerance). Kindling, flamers and a maximum 10 bags of Certainly Wood logs, can be bought from either of our showrooms. Larger quantities can be ordered and delivered to your specified address in dumpy bags. Please note that each bag weighs approximately 10kg and that the dumpy bags are loose filled. Deliveries can only be made onto smooth, hard surfaces that are accessible by a lorry, which will have a tail lift. The dumpy bag will be delivered on a pallet which the delivery driver will unload from the lorry using a pallet truck. Delivery into wood shed, or similar, is not provided. NB: There is a charge for designated am or pm deliveries and also for Saturday deliveries.

Collection from Showroom
Box of Kindling £6.60 Pay at & Collect from Showroom
1 x 10kg* Bag £9.49 Pay at & Collect from Showroom
10 x 10kg Bags £85.50 Pay at & Collect from Showroom
Dumpy Bag Delivery
Small – 1.2³ (approx. 36 bags)  £274.00 Pay at showroom. Delivery by Certainly Wood
 Large – 1.6³ (approx. 48 bags)  £340.00 Pay at showroom. Delivery by Certainly Wood

*Approximate weight

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