Big Green Egg

Founded in Tucker, Georgia USA by Ed Fisher in 1974, the Big Green Egg is the brand name for a ceramic charcoal cooker based on a Japanese stove cooking range.  With heat being controlled by the bottom air inlet and the top regulator cap, controlling the updraft the Egg can be ready to use within 15 minutes and has the ability to grill, smoke bake or to be used as an oven. Each egg comes complete with the following: Ceramic Big Green Egg; Internal Firebox; Fire Ring; Fire Grate; Stainless Steel Cooking Grid; Grill Gripper; Ash Tool; Dual Function Metal Top; Ceramic Snuffer Cap; Box of Natural Fire Starters; Tel-True Thermometer Dome Gauge. Both of our showrooms sell a variety of Eggcessories and Big Green Egg charcoal. Visit The Big Green Egg

Summer 2023

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Product Specification

Fuel Type: Charcoal

Location: Bury St Edmunds & Earls Colne

Big Green Egg Charcoal – Large Bag (9kg)

The Big Green Egg organic lump charcoal is made from American oak and hickory hardwoods which gives fantastic flavour to what ever is being cooked. It contains no by-products, chemical fillers or petroleum additives which taint  food and possibly damage your EGG.  The charcoal lights quickly, burns hotter than normal briquettes and produces less ash, making cooking effortless and cleaning minimal.

Each large bag gives approximately 80 hrs burn.

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