Bellfires is defined by the ease of use and comfort in the gas fireplaces that have been developed, tailor made and produced in the Netherlands since 1928. The focus of a Bellfires gas fire is on safety & design. Safety is integrally guaranteed in the development process which has led to various patents. The many finishing touch possibilities result in the characterizing Bellfires design; classy and tailor-made in detail to your living style. Visit Bellfires  

Summer 2023

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Cold Chimney Syndromecauses smoke in the room


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Product Specification

Heat Output: Maximum 5kW

Fuel Type: Natural Gas

Bellfire Smart Bell- Panorama

Providing maximum view of the fire the Bellfire Smart Bell Panorama allows the flames to be enjoyed through three sides of this gas fire that has been designed for well insulated houses.  The MagniFire technology has a switchable double burner enabling the rear burner to be turned off when not required, allowing energy costs to be reduced by approximately 40%. Along with a choice of three sizes this fire has a mounting depth of 35 cm allowing the Smart Bell range to be built into the shallowest of spaces; and as they are accessible from the front a control hatch does not need to be fitted.

Fire sizes for the Smart Bell Panorama Fire are:

45/45 45/59 73/52

No matter the size, all the Panoramic fires in the Smart Bell range are equipped with MagniFire technology, mood lightning (offering a life like fire image with the burning wood logs and the glowing ashes), built in frame and plain background as standard.

Optional extras on all of the Panoramic fires are a  ceramic back black interior mirror, industrial interior, wi-fi module and remote.

The Smart Bell Panorama fire is available in natural gas and as a balanced flue fire only.

Price showing is for the Bellfire Smart Bell Premier Fire 45/45 as standard.

Energy Rating: B on all fires in this series


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