Summer 2023

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Electric Fires & Stoves

There are many reasons for not being able to choose a wood burning stove: there is no chimney; the house is so well insulated that it can not be justified; safety issues have to be taken into account or the knees are not so flexible in the getting up once they have got down!! But it is not just heat that a stove provides; it is also a feature within a room and when it is lit it provides an ambiance that is calming and rejuvenating.

Just as wood burning and gas stoves have evolved over the past decade so have electric stoves and fires; the Gazco Skope and Gazco Radiance being two excellent fires  which along with the more traditional Gazco Electric Huntingdon 30 stove in Ivory enamel can be seen at the showroom near Bury St Edmunds. 

The more electric contemporary electric stoves  are the Vogue Midi, the Midi Midline and the Vision; the Vision can be viewed at the the Earls Colne showroom. All provide quality ambient light as well as providing heat up to 2kW on those slightly chilly days.

The Gazco Electric Range also include the Studio Electric fires, the Riva 670 fires and the Logic2 fire which along with Skope and the Radiance all feature the Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote Control.

If a floor standing stove is required and only a small area is available for it to be placed, the Esse Vector may well be the appliance required. Designed to be a ‘heater’ as opposed to a stove or a fire, the Vector will take up little floor space whilst able to provide a maximum 0f 2kW of silent and draught-free heat but with the unique feature of a 7 setting temperature control.